2018 Philadelphia Behavioral Science Initiative Conference

The goal of the third annual Philadelphia Behavioral Science Initiative Conference was to show attendees how to identify cognitive biases in their own lives, and to get people thinking about how to apply behavioral science to their own teams, projects, and policies. While the past two conferences were largely lecture-based, this year we had an interactive component along with a variety of speakers. The hope was to create a fun workshop environment to get people excited about the huge potential of behavioral science applications in the public sector.

GovLabPHL was the organizer of the 2018 conference. GovLabPHL is a multi-agency team led by the Mayor's Policy Office focused on developing innovative and evidence-based practice in city government. The team is comprised of City employees from the Department of Revenue, the Office of Transportation and Infrastructure Systems, Office of Open Data and Digital Transformation, and the Mayor’s Office of Community Empowerment and Opportunity.

Conference Agenda

8:30am    Registration and breakfast

9:00am    Welcome presentation

9:20am    Introduction to Behavioral Science

9:40am    Cognitive bias networking

10:00am  What is a randomized evaluation?

10:30am   Public sector keynote

11:00am   Presentations on completed PBSI projects

11:30am   Lunch

12:45pm   Presentations on new PBSI projects

1:30pm     Public Sector Panel

2:00pm     Academic Keynote, Daniel J. Hopkins, University of Pennsylvania

2:30pm     Mayor James F. Kenney Remarks

2:45pm     Closing Remarks

Time & Venue

University of Pennsylvania

Perry World House

3803 Locust Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19104

October 19, 2018