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About Us

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GovLabPHL is a community of City employees and academic researchers dedicated to creating opportunities to learn and practice evidence-based methods. We collaboratively explore ways in which government can best serve residents by supporting City agencies looking to address challenges through the practical use of data and research. GovLabPHL is a local, national and international leader in this space.


Our mission is to connect City departments with experts across disciplines in an effort to problem-solve using data and research. We work to shift the culture in government around the various ways evidence-based methods can be applied to improve outcomes for residents.

Key Initiatives

The Philadelphia Behavioral Science Initiative (PBSI)

PBSI is a partnership between the City of Philadelphia and academic institutions to create low-cost interventions that effectively nudge behavior. Learn more about the initiative.

GovLabPHL Book Club

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The PHL Government Book Club provides learning opportunities for City employees through literature and podcasts relating to behavioral science, human-centered design, and trauma-informed practices. With over 100 active members, the group meets quarterly to discuss selections and ways in which the methodology discussed in it can be applied across the City. Additionally, GovLabPHL invites local authors of selected literature to present to book club members about their work for “Author Talk” events in an effort to spur honest dialogue and further engage City employees.

Get Involved

Email us for more information at GovLabPHL@phila.gov