The mission of the Philadelphia Behavioral Science Initiative is to bring leaders from government and academia together to discuss how the social and behavioral sciences can be used to create more effective policies and programs in Philadelphia. The White House Social and Behavioral Sciences Team, the UK’s Behavioral Insights Team, and ideas42, among others, have demonstrated the value of an evidence-based and people-focused approach to policy-making. We believe this value can be realized to an even greater degree at the local level, here in our city.


3 Years

The Philadelphia Behavioral Science Initiative was established in 2016 as a partnership between the City of Philadelphia and academics from local institutions. In addition to piloting low-cost interventions, we work to further the use of evidence-based practices across city government, and provide more support for city agencies who use data.

7 Complete Projects

From testing the effect of recycling bins with lids on litter and recycling rates to identifying interventions to reduce heat with community members, the team has worked over the past several years to help partners use data to pinpoint solutions to challenges. Learn more.

10 Active Projects

Our goal is to impact as many City agencies and communities as possible through the use of data and evidence. With 10 active projects across policy areas, the team continues to identify challenges and opportunities for intervention across Philadelphia. Learn more.

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